‘Cemetery Tales: A Tale of Two Sisters’ Found Life Thanks To George A. Romero

traci-newJanuary 31, 2019: Cemetery Tales: A Tale of Two Sisters, which will be honored as the Best Short Thriller at the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival, may have sinister shadings on the screen but off screen it has a sentimental legacy that traces back to the late George A. Romero.

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Traci Lords: This Ain’t The First Time She’s Told Creeps To Beat It

Beat-It-Creep_640x811November 17, 2016: The Debrief: Traci Lords has a long history of struggle, reinvention, and overcoming the odds. Here’a s brief history of her long and very challenging career…

Looking at her new clothing range, which includes a t-shirts that say ‘Beat it, creep!’, you’d probably deduce that Traci Lords is fairly badass. What you might be less aware of is that Traci Lords has a long history of struggle, reinvention, and overcoming the odds. From acting and directing to speaking out about exploitation in porn – clothing design is only the latest move for Traci in a very long and challenging career.

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Traci Lords Pin-Up Girl

tracijohnJuly 7, 2016: Actress, Singer, Author, Songwriter, Icon these are the adjectives that come up when you mention the name Traci Lords.

Well saddle up because there is a new adjective in town to add to Traci’s resume: Clothing Designer.

That’s correct Traci has a new vintage clothing line from a design company with the moniker Pin-Up Girl a company that meshes seamlessly with her fashion sense and image.

Tired of having to alter pieces to flatter her curvy figure Traci set out to design ready to wear clothes for women like herself. The line also has a shout out to her character Wanda Woodward from John Waters Cry-Baby. Hey guys she didn’t forget us, there is a T-shirt that was made just for us men as well. Time for Traci!

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Fashion is Traci Lords’ latest passion

traciJune  21, 2016: Traci Lords found the Wanda Woodward phenomenon surprising at first.

Whenever she would make a public appearance — as she’ll do this weekend, co-hosting Oakland’s Burger Boogaloo with her pal John Waters — she would see female fans in the crowd who carefully copied her biker-jacketed character from Waters’ 1990 camp classic “Cry-Baby.”

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CELEBRITY WIFE SWAP: Jackee Harry, Traci Lords Return to Bubbles, No Hard Feelings

CelebrityWifeSwap-e1432217776915May 21, 2015: Can you imagine switching lives with your neighbor? Well, on CELEBRITY WIFE SWAP, relationships are put to the test when two, yes, celebrity wives swap lives, first checking out how the other family lives, then making changes of their own. On the Season Premiere, Jackee Harry swapped lives with Traci Lords.

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