What distinguishes this film from the herd is its sense of humor. The cast is pitch perfect. Traci Lords goes against type as an uptight mom who wants and tries so desperately to make her comely daughter be more like herself. You can see the frustration in her eyes and tone through every movement and line she clucks out. Even her attempts to understand Pauline are awkward and terse. I was literally knocked back in my chair at the final moments.


EXCISION boasts a very talented array of actors, and everyone excels in their roles. The performances are nothing short of fantastic. Lords is particularly good as Phyllis, lending depth to a character had potential to easily be portrayed as one-dimensional.


The film’s final moment is perfect; we really get to see that this family, despite all the torture and surgery fantasies, really cares. The final moment belongs to Traci Lords. Seriously, man. Lords is pretty dang good.


Stellar performances abound in this incredible film. Traci Lords turns in a tour de force performance as Pauline’s mother and she is demented in her own sad way. Traci gives what may be the performance of her career.


The performance of the year, however, goes to the magnificent Traci Lords as Phyllis, Pauline’s mother. Phyllis appears as a harsh, controlling figure to begin with – we see her judging her family every morning at the breakfast table, yet we still connect through Lords’ stellar performance. We gradually see that Phyllis is a flawed character who simply wants the best for her children, however this is hindered by Pauline’s actions slowly breaking her family apart. Lords is a revelation.


Traci Lords (Blade) is superb as Phyllis, the domineering mother who is at her wits end with Pauline.


Lords plays conservative mother well (suspiciously, almost too well), and we learn to understand that her pushiness is born of love and concern and a desire to bond. Her religious leanings are learned behaviors, but with Grace’s serious illness, it’s easy to see how so much of what Lords’ character does here is a fa├žade


Traci Lords, is the unexpected stand-out of the film, giving a performance that’s very uptight and proper but that comes out of a place of insecurity and disappointment. It’s brilliant, and exactly what the film requires in an antagonist.


As Pauline’s overbearing mother, Traci Lords may have finally shaken the former adult film star label. The complex struggle between mother and teen-angst daughter comes to an emotional head during the film’s explosive climax.


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